He studied piano with Pepita Cervera, Teresina Jordà, Eugenio Nebolsin and Asya Nebolsina. Bachelor degree of music at Musikene after studying with Gabriel Erkoreka, Ramon Lazkano, Stefano Scarani, Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena, Loic Mallie, Guillermo Lauzurika, Jesus Rueda, Ana Garcia Urcola, José Luis Campana, Margarita Lorenzo de Reizábal and Enrique Azurza. He has attended masterclasses of Mauricio Sotelo, Moritz Eggert, Ivan Fedele, Fabian Panisello, Alberto Posadas, Felix Ibarrondo, Elena Mendoza, Johannes Maria Staud, Gerard Pesson, Hans Zimmer and Christopher Young. He has been deepening his knowledge of music and vocal technique and repertoire with voice under the supervision of José Menalva and adding to his artistic skills theatre studies with Yllana Theatre School. He also has a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from the UCM and has worked in the digital edition of scores, music software development and music radio platforms on the internet and as a musical journalist for Mundoclasico.

His music has been performed at festivals such as: Sinkro de Vitoria-Gasteiz, Musica Viva de Lisboa, Musikaste, Jornadas FAIC (Federation of Iberian Associations of Composers), Rompeolas, Bicentennial of the reconstruction of San Sebastián, Festival of Diverse Music, Festival of Ensembles and auditoriums such as: Zaragoza Auditorium, Espacio Santa Clara, Espacio Ronda, El Castillo Theater, Ateneo de Lleida, Auditorio 400, Teatro Champs Elysees, Muster-Meier Hall of Bern, GKS Hochschule der Künste Bern... It has been awarded several times within the program of Incentives of SGAE, Finalist of the XXV edition of the Young Composers Prize of the SGAE-CNDM Foundation, winner of the Call for Young Composers PluralEnsemble 2014 and of the Moondance LIve Contest, selected for the XIII Sound and Music Workshop for Cinema of the SGAE Foundation and finalist of VIII Composition Prize Carmelo Bernaola. He has also been commissioned by Camille Levecque, Musikagileak, Ciklus Ensemble or UhUh Producciones, KEA and his music has been premiered by ensembles such as PluralEnsemble, Espai Sonor, Cicklus, Kuraia, Xare... Today his musical and technological knowledge converge live electronics via the MAX/MSP platform. As a composer and lyricist he writes works for all types of formations from soloist to chamber music, vocal music, big orchestra, musical, electroacoustic and audiovisual with real time electronics; encompassing a wide range of styles from rock (Love to cube, Birreverent and others...) to avant-garde music, interested in eclecticism as the current creative engine.Nowadays, he compatibilizes the teaching, interpretive and compositional work, remarking his operatic work with Jorge Ferrando with the work "El sueño de Dalí en una noche de Picasso" selected by the Biennale di Venezia 2018 to be premiered at the 62nd International Festival of Contemporary Music of Venice and the project "The Aspirants", winner of the "Primer Concurso de Creación de Obra Lírica del Teatro de la Zarzuela".